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why does X-Lite try to open my drives on startup

In Discussion Per H. X-Lite Comments: 24 Reply 4 hours ago by Fabian W.
4 votes

autoanswer calls (sip dialog)

In Discussion Herve M. Bria 4 Comments: 2 Reply 7 hours ago by Herve M.
1 vote

Bria 4.6.0 crashes several times

In Discussion musikmawe Bria 4 Comments: 4 Reply 7 hours ago by musikmawe
1 vote


Bria4 API - getting a 401 when sending XML Requests.

In Discussion Morten S. Bria 4 Comments: 5 Reply 6 hours ago by Morten S.
1 vote

Soft phone Failing to pick-up call

In Discussion Angelo K. Bria 4 Comments: 4 Reply 9 hours ago by Edward W.
1 vote

Bria crashing

In Discussion Matthew S. Bria 4 Comments: 1 Reply 12 hours ago by Harpreet S.
1 vote

Зависает при наборе номера

In Discussion Иван К. Bria 4 Comments: 1 Reply 13 hours ago by Harpreet S.
1 vote


Bria iPhone iOS 10 - Siri

Under Consideration Pierre L. Bria iPhone/iPad Edition Comments: 6 Reply 1 day ago by Brian S.
4 votes

Sync with Google Contacts

Under Consideration cadillac c. Comments: 26 Reply 1 week ago by David B.
62 votes

Contact Entry - Wildcard / phone number range

Idea John M. Bria 4 Comments: 5 Reply 1 week ago by Brian S.
1 vote