How do I move/migrate my license to a different computer?

If you need to move Bria or eyeBeam to a different computer (for example, you are upgrading to a new computer), follow these steps:

1. If you have access to your software product go to Help > Enter license key. A popup appears showing your license key. If you do not please continue to step 2.

2. Go to the CounterPath store ( and click Store) and log into your account.

3. From the menu, choose License Manager. A window will open showing your license key.

4. Click on the license key for your computer (the key that matches step 1). Information for this key now appears.

5. Clear the checkmark in the Enabled box. You have now disabled the license key on the computer where the software is currently installed.

6. Uninstall the software from the current computer.

7.On the new computer, log into your account and go to the License Manager page, as described above.

8. Install Bria on the new computer. When prompted for the license key, copy the license key from the Store and paste it into the Bria license key popup. In a few seconds, you will see a line for the new computer appear on the Store window.

That's it!

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