How do I troubleshoot one-way audio or no audio during a call on iPhone/iPad?

Sometimes, Audio is incorrectly routed due to a mis-configuration of the Network Traversal Settings in Bria or elsewhere in the call.

On iOS, Bria can identify this issue and should prompt you try to fix the issue. It changes the settings, then asks you to try another call.

This fix may take several tries - as you'll see below, there are several settings that can affect the traversal. Users are advised to try several calls before moving on to alternate solutions.

If you wish to try the steps manually, adjust your settings as follows:

Under Accounts --> Your Account --> Account Advanced, please try changing the Network Traversal Strategy under the Account Advanced settings. First, try with both "Application Managed" or "Server Managed". Attempt making a call after each selection. These two options cover the vast majority of usage scenarios.

If neither of these are successful, please try selecting "Custom Configuration" - this will unlock the various options below for selection. Scroll down to the settings at the bottom under the header "Media Network Traversal". There are settings for both mobile and for Wi-Fi. Try using just one network to test and adjust only the settings appropriate for that network - either Wi-Fi or mobile. If you are only having audio issues when connected via one of those network options, modify the settings for that network specifically. 

You have six possibilities to try. You can enable STUN or TURN, or neither of those. Each of those three options can be tested with ICE either enabled or disabled. Please try with all six of those possibilities.

When trying the above steps, please make sure you apply the settings and run a test after every change. You may need to try all six combinations to find the one that works for your particular situation.

If you are still experiencing one-way audio after trying these options, let our team know in any future communications with us that you have tried all the above possibilities.

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