Julia Rudnik shared this problem 7 months ago
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my colleague has a issue with her X-lite. She gets every 2 minutes a call from x-lite with the ID: abc123@[her ip-adress].

The calls came exactly ever 2 minutes. She has not changed anythng in the settings.

I hope you have a solution for the problem.

Kind regards

Julia Rudnik

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Hello Julia,

Our support for X-Lite is very limited. Firstly, check in X-Lite's Account Settings -> Topology -> Port Ranges. It should not be set to 5060 in "Signaling". If there is nothing in there then please contact your voip provider for this issue. If X-Lite is receiving these calls then voip provider should know where they are coming from. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Harpreet Singh