CRAIG PARRISH shared this problem 5 days ago
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new bria app for iphone I have no two way audio.

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Hello Craig,

I'd like you to please try the network traversal settings by following the steps below:

Please go to your Bria's Settings -> Accounts -> SIP account (disable your SIP account to make changes) -> Account Advanced -> Network Traversal Strategy -> Strategy. Try changing to "Server Managed" or "Application Managed", whichever is currently disabled.

Try this out and please let me know how it works for you.




No difference in audio. at time I can hear incoming call however never can anyone hear me.


I'd like you to please send me a log report to further diagnose this issue. Please follow the steps below:

Go to Bria's Settings > Advanced Settings. Scroll down to Application Logging. Verbose Logging should be turned ON.

Close Bria fully by tapping the home button to exit the app, then double-tapping the home button to display the multitasking menu. Swipe Bria away to close it.

Now, Launch Bria again. This restarts the log, which results in a cleaner and more readable log.

Reproduce any problems you may be encountering and then press Send Log. You will be prompted with a confirmation dialog - tap Yes. Once the log file has been uploaded, you will see a Sending Log Success notification that has a Reference #.

Report this Reference Number to the Support Team Member who was assisting you.

If sending the log file fails, check your wifi and/or cellular data connectivity.

- Harpreet