Auto Call Recording

Brendan Ferguson shared this idea 7 months ago

I really like the idea of the auto call recording feature in the iPhone edition if Bria, but there is two issues preventing me from using it effectively.

1. The files are stored in .WAV format and its takes a lot of disk space. I have found myself running out of disk space in a short period of time. Perhaps a .mp2 or other compressed format would be better.

2. The way the file names are created, I cant copy them onto my desktop without filename conflicts. Perhaps a unix timestamp could be appeded instead of the existing numbering system, that way I would be able to archive the phone calls, on my desktop and would also not have to worry about relying of the OS date-time stamp.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Hello Brendan,

I have converted this ticket to an Idea topic to better reflect the nature of your request. If an Idea topic receives support, it may be considered for a future release. Thank you for sharing your idea with us.