Bria 4.6.0 (Build 82159) - Ring on a single account

Sean Penfold shared this idea 1 year ago

Hi Support,

I have 2 SIP accounts setup on my PC and I would like to know if there is a way to make only one SIP account ring but still get calls coming through on both if I need to answer?

The one SIP account I want to always ring, I am responsible for and the calls need to be answered by me.

The second SIP account I only answer as a fail over for my co-workers who sit next to me and it makes too much noise when im on a call with my own client.

Is there maybe a way to disable the ringing only on the one SIP account, but still get the on screen notification that the call is coming through?

If there was an option to set a ringtone per SIP account I would just replace the one with a WAVE file with no sound but unfortunately there is not.

Many Thanks,

Sean Penfold

Files: SIP.PNG

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Hi Sean,

Unfortunately at this point, notifications settings apply to all accounts in Bria. I definitely see the value of configuring this at the account level, however, so I want to change this topic to an Idea. Hopefully others will vote on it and our engineers may include a feature addressing this in a future release. Thanks for your feedback and let me know if you have any further questions.




Yeah, I'd want a ringtone for each account so badly too, so I know if it's a business or private call!

At least it should be displayed which account is ringing.