Bria 4 - Calls not in Contact list are diverted immediately to voicemail: "Blocked"

JDN1234 shared this question 2 years ago

Hi -

Just today received calls from someone who is not in my contact list and Bria did not ring - the call was diverted immediately to voicemail and the caller then shows as "<phone number here> (Blocked)" in the missed calls list in Bria. Have not seen that "Blocked" functionality before.

A change was made last Friday my voip provider ( - they changed the Bria config to add a Login Server URL to the Account Settings (there is Bria 4 login window that briefly pops up briefly while Bria logs in that shows the new profile/config URL. That the Login window pops-up when Bria loads is also new).

Outbound calls work OK, and inbound calls from those in my contact list also work fine (Bria rings etc).

What causes the "Blocked" functionality to trigger? Where is it configured? Is it on the Bria side or going to be something on the mVoice hosted PBX side?

btw - can't see where the Login Server is configured in the Account Settings in Bria - how do I access that Profile setup window?



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It was a setting in Bria - under privacy. No idea what the connection is to provisioning changes, but there you go. Sorted.


Hi JD,

I'm glad you found the problem. I'll close this ticket, but let us know if you run into any more trouble in the future.