Bring back the Block Caller Feature!

Nichole Pauley shared this idea 3 months ago

It has come to my attention that the Bria4 had the Ability To Block Solicitation Calls or telemarketer calls. I am tired of receiving numerous calls and voicemail's from annoying people/scams trying to get you to stop what your doing, or please call us back to confirm your prize. We are a place of business, we do not have time for this nonsense. I would love a bock phone number option. From my understanding you used to be able to right clicked on the number and select a "Block Caller" selection. This would be a wonderful, and much needed feature to add back in. From a quick search it looks like I am not the only one who would like this feature back. I see several commentators, and posts requesting this feature back. Please listen to your users, and bring back this feature that should just be a standard part of your phone system, as it is on numorous other systems. Thank you!

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Thank you for your feedback. This method of ignoring a specific caller within the VoIP ecosystem has moved over the past few years from the client endpoint, where it has to be added to the ignore list on each phone in the company, to blocking it at the server, which blocks it for all users. This has become a common and easy to use feature on many VoIP services and call server platforms.

Blocking the number at the end point meant that it will not ring on your client, and the call server will treat it as an unanswered call. Depending on your phone system configuration for unanswered calls, this would result in it being transferred to Voice Mail for example. If this feature is of interest to any other user reading this idea, we encourage you to vote for this feature.