Delete confirmation

alabalaportocala shared this idea 2 months ago

Maybe you will add a confirmation for Delete and Delete All from call history. This will help in case you accidentally click on Delete all instead of copy number...

I wanted to copy a number from call history but I clicked on Delete all ( this is next to copy) and *poof* all numbers are gone now...

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Thanks for your valuable feedback and yes there isn't any confirmation before deleting the history. I would convert this topic to an Idea ticket to which our engineers and product management go through frequently. It would be up to the management to consider it.


Harpreet Singh


Thank you for your excellent suggestion alabalaportocala and thank you Harpreet for raising this as an idea internally.

We will try to add this in an upcoming release. We are just about to release an update and this won't be in that one but we'll try to include in the next one.