Disabling Video call feature

joel shared this idea 6 months ago

I haven't found a fix in the forums regarding this and would really love to see an option like this, Seriously is it that hard to put an option to disable the video function all together and remove the stupid video icon which is located right beside the audio option when answering calls, or at the very least move it to the other side or somewhere else entirely.I myself work in a call center type of environment where I am receiving multiple calls at once and it is very annoying to in my defense make an error and press the video instead of the audio and have a window popup on the screen, and if you close the window while on the call it gives you a run-time error and closes the program.

Basically an option to disable the video is really a no brainer for this type of product.

Would like to add this is a great product and is appreciated very much but reading previous posts regarding similar issues I would not upgrade to the paid service if this option is not available.

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What version are you running? You should not get a run time error in the product.

It sounds like you are running the X-lite version. X-Lite is a free, Not for Commercial use product, and its not licensed for use in a commercial environment, and definitely not for use in a Call Center. The layout there is designed to meet the needs of the majority of users for personal use, and to expose soft phones to the general world.

Bria, our paid product, is also offered to business with customized versions of the app, with features customized to meet the specific use case for that customer, such as our call center customization. If your organization would like to investigate converting to a customized version, please me know at dwallace@counterpath.com, and I'll arrange a chat with our sales team to help them get a version that will be more productive, and properly licensed.


We don't have interest in using Bria for video. Please return option to completely disable video and not try to auto-detect camera.