dynamic hang up button

Maik Mory shared this idea 5 months ago

X-Lite displays the hang up button dynamically. If there is an active call, it is shown. If there is no active call, it is unshown. When the hang up button is unshown, the used screen area is reused by another button (detach window in my case).

So, when a call ends and you want to hang up, sometimes the other one is a little faster. And while you want to click the (still visible) hang up button, your click is propagated to a wrong button.

Solution proposal: either a statically placed hang up button that gets enabled and disabled. Or at least, do not immediately unshow the hang up button when a call ends but disable it first and fade it out over a few seconds.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Hello Maik,

Thank you for the suggestion. I've changed this topic to an Idea to better reflect its nature. If other users like your idea and it receives support, it may be considered for a future release.