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Kendrick Pineda shared this problem 1 month ago
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If call someone the phone is not ringing. We already paid our monthly service to our provider and its about to end but we haven't used our credits yet. Please advice, we really need this to work.

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Hello Kendrick,

Our support for X-Lite is very limited. If X-Lite is successfully able to register then it likely means there is some issue in the network. Try the steps below and if the issue doesn't go away then I would recommend contacting your voip provider to further troubleshoot the issue.

Please go to your X-Lite's Account Settings -> topology and then please try all the four different firewall traversal method settings found there. You can omit testing the TURN setting if you have not been given a specific TURN server to use by your provider, and in this case, just test the other three settings. When you try STUN, please enter in the server address field found below the four options. After each setting change please try a call to test that setting.


Harpreet Singh