One-way audio through VPN/Firewall issue with Windows version but not MacOS

Thomas Coune shared this problem 1 week ago
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We experience one way audio issues with both X-lite and Bria5 on Windows. Mac version works fine.

We have tested all possible topology settings with no result. On the Mac version we have default settings in place (ICE method).

We are using a VPN to reach our voice/PBX server. Both softphones (Windows/Mac) use the VPN IP to connect to the server, so outgoing audio reaches, but, then, the Windows one tells the server to connect to the local IP (not the VPN one). The server tries then to send incoming audio data to the local IP which is blocked by the firewall... The Mac version seems smarter and gives the VPN IP and then it works of course!

Since I would prefer not buy 20 MacBooks for my agents, I would like the Windows version to work as well... :-)

How could we force our windows based Bria 5 / X-lite to identify itself to the server with the VPN IP and not the local one ?

Thanks in advance for your support.


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Hello Thomas,

I'm sorry you're having issues with audio in Bria. Can you please send me a wireshark trace from both Windows and MAC Bria by following the steps below. Just make one call each. Attach both the files here.

If you can send me a wireshark trace it may greatly help with my diagnosis of this issue. You can learn how to use wireshark here if it's not already familiar to you:

Once you have started doing a trace, please replicate the problem. When you have the .pcap or .pcapng file, please zip it (as this forum will not accept .pcap or .pcapng files directly) and then attach it here for me to review. I have moved this thread private to maintain the privacy of any information in the trace. As such it will be visible only by you and CounterPath representatives.

Thanks for helping me to diagnose your problem.