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Is it possible to test Bria without a license?

Can you install and use Bria on multiple machines with a license / account?

When I buy Bria the license is unlimited.

If technically nothing changes, can I still use Bria 5 in 10 years or will Bria be shut down someday?

So that I can not use Bria 5 anymore.

It was the same with version 5.0.1 of X-Lite.

This was turned off, I could not use this anymore.


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The only test software we have is X-Lite. The basic call functionality is the same in both X-Lite and Bria, so we offer it as a trial for users who want to make sure Bria will work with their SIP account/network/etc. The license is not unlimited; licenses are tied to physical computers. Every individual machine that runs Bria will need its own license, however the standard desktop retail licenses are a one-time purchase, not a recurring subscription.

It's generally unwise to speculate ten years into the future in the software industry, but there are no plans to "shut down" Bria in the future. As long as it is running on a supported system, software is still expected to work for many years. I'm not sure what you mean by X-Lite being "turned off," 5.0.1 is not the latest version, and while technically we only support the latest version of any specific software, an older version could still technically be run without updating if you choose.

Let me know if I can clarify anything here.



Hello and thanks for the answer.

What I mean by the example X-Lite is that I was forced to update the update from 5.0.1 to 5.1.0 and the version 5.0.1 was blocked by counterpath.

I can not continue to use version 5.0.1.

Is this the case with Bria?

If I have the version Bria 5 and the version Bria 6 is released, then the software version Bria 5, as well as X-Lite 5.0.1 is discontinued, and Bria 5 may no longer be used?

So an update Bria 6, I have to buy that?

Or may I stay permanently at Bria 5?

Without update.

Second question:

What if I have to change a computer because it is outdated?

Here I get a completely new computer, the old one is destroyed.

Or the operating system has to be reloaded because it is defective.

Do I have the possibility to change with the existing license to the other computer and to deactivate the license on the old computer?


Sorry wrong translation.

If I use Bria 5, now the software Bria 6 is released, then Bria 5 is no longer usable?

After a year or two, is Bria 5 unusable and locked for use?

Or can I still use Bria 5 with Windows 7 after 5 years?

Without having to buy the update?


There are no plans to force users to update if and when a Bria 6 might be released. Bria 5 was released within the past year, and while existing Bria 4 customers were able to upgrade at a reduced price, there are still several users who chose to remain on Bria 4 for the time being, and they are free to do so. However, Bria 4 no longer receives maintenance, and will eventually be outdated as operating systems that support it fall out of use. There are even still a handful of users on Bria 3, although support for that is extremely limited by now and we encourage users with old software to upgrade.

As for the case of moving to a new computer, such as when upgrading, or if something happens to make a PC unuseable, you can migrate a license key from your CounterPath Store account to set it up on a new PC. More detailed instructions are available in our FAQ, if you'd like to review the steps: https://support.counterpath.com/knowledge-base/article/how-do-i-movemigrate-my-license-to-a-different-computer



Thank you for your response.

Can I see with Bria who is currently on the phone?

(Several Bria phones in a SIP phone network)

How do I set this up?


How can I forward a call?

How can I control this?



If you want to see which contacts are online, on the phone, etc., then you need presence service through your provider. Bria 5 supports presence via XMPP or SIP Simple protocols. Your provider should be able to confirm if that is available for you.

As for the specifics of forwarding and transferring, I recommend you check the Bria 5 user guide to get a better idea of how to use all of these features: http://www.counterpath.com/assets//docs/guides/desk/desk_Retail_5.1.0/UG/