Problems in X-Lite 5.0 in Windows 10

Marcos Henrique shared this problem 2 months ago
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I'm having trouble with X-Lite 5.0 on Windows 10, it's installed and configured normally, the problem is that when I can not answer the call, I make calls normally, but I can not answer.

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Hello Marcos,

1. May I please know what exact version of Windows 10 are you using. Is it the Creators build?

2. What version of X-Lite are you using? Is it 5.0.0 or 5.0.3?

3. Please explain the issue in detail. Do you mean you receive the call but when you click on the notification toast or you try accepting the call in X-Lite, it doesn't answer the call?


Harpreet Singh



I use the windows 10 Pro version, and the X-Lite version is X-Lite_5.0.3_88254, I can not pick up the call when the notification appears, and I can not even answer the call in the x-lite software.


What exact version of Windows 10 is it? Like the Anniversary update or the Creators update? Click on Start menu and type Run and hit Enter. A new box will open and type Winver and hit Enter. A new window would open. Let me know the exact build of Windows 10.