Why does Bria sometimes not show when someone is calling, but sometimes it does

Elan Schrier shared this question 1 month ago
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I have had Bria for a few years now. In the last few months sometimes I will leave it on for days, and the primary voip phone I have plugged in at my office will ring, but Bria won't ring on my iphone or even show I had a missed call from the person. Sometimes it works fine for a few days, but every couple of days this happens. I have 1 phone that is plugged in to ethernet that is associated with this number, and 2 cell separate cell phones running Bria. At first I thought maybe only 1 phone can be using Bria at a time, but I've tested it and both will ring on Bria at the same time, but then sometimes neither of them will ring, but the one plugged into the ethernet will. Please help.

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Hello Elan,

May I please know what version of Bria are you using? If it is v3.9.7 then please go to your Bria's Preferences -> Background Support and set it to "Enhanced". That may likely better the working of Bria when it is in the background.