X-lite problems can not receive calls

Jacob Neumann shared this problem 1 week ago
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Hi, since 24 hours me and my colleagues are not able to take calls via x-lite


Hermes and x-lite (5.1.0)

Hermes shows (Waiting for Call) - then a call comes in and x-lite block's the whole computer for some seconds and then Hermes shows:

"cant connect agent station"

Any idea what we can do?



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Hello Jacob,

Our support for X-Lite is very limited. If the issue suddenly started happening then there likely is some change in the system or network that created this issue. If X-Lite is being used in integration with the third-party application then we don't provide any support in that case. It must be used independently of any other application to receive any support. You must contact your IT/system admin for any troubleshooting.

Note: X-Lite has only been designed for testing and evaluation purposes and for home users and its usage in the commercial environment is a violation of our End User License Agreement. You must consider buying Bria 5 for business needs.


Harpreet Singh