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Implementation of XEP-0198: Stream Management within Bria

In Discussion Metaip Bria 4 Comments: 7 Reply 10 months ago by Harpreet S.
31 votes

why don't I have an import contacts option?

Answered Anonymous 4 years ago No Comments
20 votes

Bria in iOS 10 - VoIP API

In Discussion Petr K. Bria iPhone/iPad Edition Comments: 73 Reply 7 months ago by Harpreet S.
20 votes

Signup code

Answered Todd E. Comments: 5 Reply 2 years ago by
18 votes

Command line interface

Answered Anonymous 3 years ago No Comments
13 votes

Can I turn off the automatic checking for updates

Answered Anonymous Comments: 16 Reply 5 months ago by Andy N.
12 votes

License System Error

In Discussion Girish P. Bria 4 Comments: 7 Reply 1 year ago by Brian S.
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11 votes

How do I see my complete daily call history?

Answered Anonymous Comments: 2 Reply 9 months ago by Khristy S.
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